Don’t all churches have the Eucharist?

Don’t all churches have the Eucharist? Other churches claim to have the real presence too.  I don’t understand.

Why can’t you find the Eucharist in any other church?  There’s a key component that the Catholic Church has that no other church has and without this you can’t have the Eucharist.  The key component is a valid PRIEST!  Jesus instituted the priesthood on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper.  He commanded them to do as He did.  “Take this all of you and eat of this for this is my Body.”  These may seem like just words but He gave the apostles the authority to, through Jesus, to hold the bread and wine and ask for the Holy Spirit to come down and change them into the Body and Blood of Jesus.  This is called consecration.  The authority of the Holy Orders of Priesthood came down from Jesus to Peter to the other apostles and other popes and bishops from there.  This is an unbroken line from Jesus directly to Pope Francis and the current priests and bishops today.  If someone breaks from the Catholic Church and makes their own church or ordinations, then they are NOT validly ordained through Jesus and therefore would not be able to be in communion with the Holy Spirit to turn the bread and wine to the Body and Blood of Jesus.

One question to ask is what do other churches do with the left over communion bread and wine?  Some put the wine or grape juice back in the bottle, Some throw the bread away in the garbage, some put the wafers back in the bag they came in, some make homemade bread and bring the leftovers home and cook with it, some pour it down the sewer to be mingled with sewage.  If it is the Eucharist and Body of Jesus, then why is it treated in such a way when they are done?  Some claim that Jesus “jumps” out of the bread and is just blessed bread then giving a reason it can be thrown away.  It is treated as a symbol.

In the Catholic Church, the wine is never put back in the bottle.  It is all consumed in each Mass.  The vessels are washed and the cleaning water is dumped down a sink that goes directly into the earth, not the sewer.   The left over Eucharist is put in a tabernacle (box of reverence for the Eucharist to be kept safe) and treated with deep reverence.  It is also put out on the altar for worship and adoration.  The Eucharist does not depend on the faith of the one consuming it.  It IS REALLY JESUS AND STAYS THAT WAY. There’s a big difference!

What do the other churches have then if not a valid Eucharist?  If they don’t have a valid priest to do consecration then they have a layman to BLESS the bread.  This would be the same as asking Jesus to bless our meals, which is good but still not consecrated into the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus.

This is why you can only find the Eucharist in the Catholic Church because Jesus designed it that way and us as humans have no authority in that.

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