Happy All Saints Day!

Today, we celebrate all of the saints and martyrs who have given everything so that we might learn how to love God and Jesus.  Saints are people who are regular people like you and I, and were very faithful to Jesus’ teachings.  Some suffered very painful deaths to not forsake their faith.  We can learn so much from them.  One comes to mind, St. Teresa, the Little Flower.  She practices “little ways” to offer her love to Jesus.  She would tell Him that she would do a work task for the conversion of sinners, or for the love of Him.  She died at a young age but made such an impact on others.  She said “I will spend my heaven doing good upon the earth.”

We can imitate the actions of the saints and as long as we have the desire to become a saint, we can do it.

Halloween means the Eve of All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve.  This is the evening before the day of All Saints Day.  Christians would celebrate from the evening before until the evening of All Saints Day.  They would also put candles in their windows.   This later turned into a commercialized “holiday” that had more of a pagan tone and recently more of a satanic tone.  Tomorrow, Nov 2nd, is All Souls Day.  This is the day we pray for all of those who have died before us.  We can also pray for them from Nov 1-8 for the souls in purgatory.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful All Saints Day and All Souls Day!


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