How to spring your loved one from Purgatory

First off, Purgatory is the place where a soul goes to get purified after death but before going to Heaven.  You cannot go to hell from Purgatory.  Once you are in Purgatory, you are guaranteed to go to Heaven but you must be purified of any smaller sins and you must make retribution for your sins you committed during life.  Kind of like, if you were a child and broke a window with your baseball.  You would apologize for what you did but you would still have to clean up the broken glass and pay for the window to be repaired (you might be grounded too.)  This is Purgatory.  Check out these scripture readings: 2 Maccabees 12 (only in a Catholic Bible), and 1 Corinthians 3: 10-15

If you would like to “spring” your loved one from Purgatory, from Nov 1-8 of any year, you can go to any cemetery (doesn’t have to be the cemetery they are located in) and pray some prayers for your loved one, then ask for the Plenary Indulgence to go to your loved one, releasing them from Purgatory.  Also say in prayer, “If my loved one doesn’t need the indulgence, please give it to a soul who needs it the most”.  This is such a beautiful way to show our love to our loved ones.  Remembering them is great but to help them to see God is the ultimate gift to give them.

After this, you can ask for your loved one to pray for YOU too.  I recently did this for my Godfather.  It was so beautiful to think that I could help him to see the Glory of God when he spent his life helping me to learn about God.  Funny how things come around.  Today I will be going to a cemetery and praying for a homeless man that I knew, who was killed by a vehicle.  Shortly before he was killed, he asked me to pray for him.  I took this seriously and have been praying for him ever since. He was so repentant before he died.   I pray that God looks with mercy on him.


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