What do all sins have in common?

All sins have selfishness in common.  All sins are about me, myself and I.   Virtue is about others.  Quite a difference when you think about it.  That really stood out for me.  It made it easier to understand what was a sin and what wasn’t.  If I am thinking about someone else then I put their best interest first…Virtue.  If I get angry, greedy, lustful, jealous, prideful, or lazy, that puts me first.  There are many others but these are the seven deadly sins.  They lead us to much worse sins.  It’s very hard to think outside of ourselves and this culture has become more and more selfish.  We have to think outside of our own selfishness, which we all have, and see what others need from us, such as kindness, patience and compassion.  That’s when the world will be a better and more peaceful place.

Also, sins have one more thing in common, they separate us from God.  We choose something else over choosing God.  This is our fallen nature.  Adam and Eve chose sin and disobedience over God. Reconciliation and repentance brings us back to God and He welcomes us back with open arms.  He isn’t looking to convict us, He just wants us to come back to Him with love.  Even though we don’t deserve His mercy, He is more than willing to give it to us, but we have to ask for it.


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