What is a chaplet?

A chaplet is a devotional prayer that is said while the person keeps track of the progress of the prayer on beads.  The most commonly known is the rosary but others are said to Jesus or saints.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet is becoming more commonly known and said to Jesus.  Some are a loop of beads, while others are a string of beads.  They vary widely.  This practice goes back many centuries when monks would use knots in cords to say the psalms.

The rosary is a meditation on the life of Jesus and The Blessed Virgin Mary continually points us to her Son throughout the meditation.  But you might say, well yea but then explain why do we say so many Hail Mary’s in it?  Because we are asking for the Virgin Mary’s direction and intercession.  She’s helping us along the path to find who the true Jesus is.  She shows us how beautifully He came to us, His life, His suffering (Passion), and His Resurrection.  It is never about the Virgin Mary, it is always about learning about and loving Jesus.  Click to find the Fifteen Promises of the Rosary from Our Lady.

There is a chaplet for:

  • St. Michael
  • Divine Mercy
  • The Blessed Sacrament
  • St. Patrick
  • The Infant Jesus of Prague
  • St. Teresa the Little Flower
  • The Holy Spirit
  • and so many more.

You can find these chaplets at a local Catholic religious store or online.  You could find a saint that you identify with or want to form a relationship with and then find their chaplet and keep that devotion.  This by no means takes you from Jesus though.  They are our family in Heaven and they all point to and teach us about Jesus.  This helps us to have a deeper appreciation and love for Jesus.


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