What’s our main job as a spouse?

Have you ever thought about it?  Most people would think…”to love my spouse forever, right?”  Well, kind of.

We will only be married to our spouse until one dies.  We will not have marriages in heaven.  So we will not be married forever but we will want to see our loved one in heaven.  This brings me to my point.  Our main job and responsibility for our spouse is to get THEM to heaven.  That’s a tall order!

It’s hard enough to get ourselves to heaven but now we have to try to get our spouse there too???  Yes.  God wants us to try to get everyone to heaven, as He craves for all of us to say yes to Him and be holy enough to get to heaven.  When we say “I do”, we are taking on the responsibility of getting our spouse to heaven too.  But what’s nice is that their responsibility is to get YOU to heaven too.  (Is that a taller order?)

This is true love in the eyes of God.  You sacrifice yourself in every way to try to get your spouse to heaven and they do the same for us.  That’s what marriage is all about.  This is the LOVE that God wants for us in our marriages.  That’s why it’s a lifetime commitment and not a commitment that we end just because it’s not convenient or doesn’t measure up to our expectations.  Marriage is between you, your spouse, AND GOD.  When you don’t have God in the middle of your marriage, your marriage doesn’t have a solid foundation upon the covenant of God.  God formed marriage between a man and woman to produce children and have bonding.  Through this union, children are produced who will be taught to love God and each spouse will love each other enough that they will get each other into heaven to be with God.  Isn’t that the ultimate gift we can give our spouse, to give them an eternity with God in heaven?  I do this for you because I love you that much.





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