Come Hold My Son

This is what we are doing when we go to Communion at the Catholic Church and receiving the Eucharist.  We are holding Jesus, Mary’s Son.

Be sure to check out the other great songs of The Thirsting found on YouTube.

This is why we pray the Rosary.  Think about it.


Be Cautious of Missionary Dating

Missionary Dating is a tactic used by some fringe churches and many cults to “convert” people to their church.  You start dating someone and right away they want you to start going to their church.  They start “teaching” you about their faith and pushing it while they are talking down your faith.  The sole purpose of the dating is to convert you into their church, get your money and to have you go overseas or somewhere else to do missionary work.  It’s a very deceptive way to destroy your faith and to isolate you into their group.  They make you think your family and friends are your enemies so you sever ties from them, leaving you with no way out.  While dating, you might be strongly encouraged to talk with an “elder” to do pre-marriage counseling but its really to convert your thinking.  This sounds good when you start and they have lots of touchy-feely hugs to welcome you and during their service, but as it progresses, you become more of their property and it becomes very difficult to get out.  This is more true of the fringe religions. This is also put into place with your children’s friends.  They will ask your children to come over to their church for dance lessons or some activity to get them there, then they will start slowly to invite them to “learn” about Jesus.  These tactics target children and the college age mostly but can be anyone, especially the lonely or vulnerable.

While you are searching for the truth, be cautious of these situations because they are very difficult to get out of.  When you are dating, keep your eyes open for these situations.


A Letter Written Just for You

I felt a strong pull to write this letter.  It didn’t come from me.  I was just the pencil to write it.

Dear Child of God,

I am writing this letter to you because you are so special in the eyes of God.  He loves you more than you could ever know here on earth.  Even if you have turned your back on Him, He still loves you and will welcome you back with open arms.  Jesus wants to wipe your every tear away.  He sees your tears as precious diamonds that He cherishes because He knows your fears, your anguish, your anger and your pain.

If you are reading this letter, Jesus has led you to it and wants you to find His church, have an intimate relationship with Him and to learn to love Him as He has loved you since the beginning of time.  When He was at the rock praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, He saw you, He saw all of your sins and He saw you coming back to Him.  The blood He sweat on His brow was from His very love for you.  This love for you gave Him the strength to go through with the crucifixion and beating He endured.  He loves you that much!  He doesn’t want to lose you to sin and He wants you in Heaven with Him.

Keep your eyes on the truth and keep your eyes on Him.  This will never fail you.  Even if it feels strange, let Him lead you to the truth.  Don’t try to drive the ship, let Him lead you.  Put your trust in Him and tell Him that you trust Him.  Keep your heart open to the truth and allow Jesus to transform your heart to His will.  You will never be sorry for following this path.  It will open up a whole new world for you and things will become crystal clear for you.

Jesus loves you as a precious child of God.


Holy Little Saint

This is an amazing story of a couple who gets a devastating diagnosis for their child during their pregnancy.  They are told by their doctor to abort the child and they find no support in their circle to carry the baby to term.  When they find the website, ,  they find the support they need.   Through the pregnancy they prayed for a miracle and God granted them their miracle. When the baby was born, he had a cross on his chest in the shape of a cross.  Check out the links below to see the full story.

Every pregnancy is a real, human, live, baby.  Every baby is loved by God and deserves the dignity of life. Every mother deserves to know that she is loved by God and He will help her through any difficult situation.  Even if the baby has a detrimental diagnosis, cherish every moment of life that baby has with you.  That child is a gift from God to you and he will help you to handle whatever comes your way.

I came so close to losing my child three times during my difficult pregnancy. Someone early in my pregnancy asked me if I had considered abortion as an option but I told them that this is my child and abortion is not even a choice for me.  After the birth, my child had many challenges but I never regretted my decision to keep my baby.



Why is the Catholic Church against birth control?

What’s the big deal if people use condoms or artificial birth control?  Shouldn’t it be up to me to decide what I use?

For a more thorough explanation, please check out the Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI from July 25, 1968.

When a couple has sex, it’s purpose is for bonding and children.  Pleasure is an added bonus but not the purpose.  We know that women have eggs and men have sperm but those cells are alive.  These cells should never be disrespected.  Men carry and give as a gift to his bride, billions of live sperm.  It says in the Bible that men shall not spill their seed for this reason.  Marriage is the proper place to come into the marital embrace because this is the safe and secure and healthiest place to bear children.

Artificial Birth Control comes in two different forms: barrier or chemical.  The barrier forms like condoms or diaphragm put a barrier between the couple.  “I love you but I want a barrier between us.”  This is not a loving thing to say but people say it with their bodies all the time.  It does not accept the man’s gift of his total self to his partner.  It is rejecting his very self.  It also rejects the very essence of the woman’s fertility.

Chemical birth control, such as the morning after pill, the “pill”, the implant, ring, pills used by abortion clinics for abortions, or whatever contains the chemical hormones, is very damaging to the couple and to the woman’s body.  It is also an abortifacient that causes the fertilized egg, man and woman’s live cells coming together, to pass through the woman without attaching to the uterine wall.  She has an abortion without knowing it.  This is a baby!  These chemicals don’t cause the prevention of ovulation anymore because the doses are lower now but they prevent pregnancy by causing abortions.  She could possibly have an abortion this way every month; twelve per year.  This says to the partner, “I love you but I don’t want a part of you to carry on and I only want you as a sexual object for my pleasure.”  This is also not a loving thing for a relationship.  It also has many side-effects that can harm the woman’s body or even kill her.  Take the time to read the side-effect list of some of these products.  Some doctors even push these chemicals on us as women.  I even overheard a patient wanting the doctor to take out the Norplant in her arm but the doctor refused and sent her away crying in remorse.

You might say then, the Catholic Church just wants us to use the Rhythm Method or have lots of kids, right?  No, the Catholic Church does not use the Rhythm Method.  That method is from back in the 1930’s, not effective and not scientific.  The Catholic Church recommends Natural Family Planning.  This is a scientific method that is natural and doesn’t interfere with the couple’s bodies.  It lets the couple decide when they want to conceive or when they don’t.  It is based on the woman’s fertility signs she has monthly.  Many studies have been done and the efficacy rate is over 99%.  The divorce rate of couples using NFP is about 3% instead of the national divorce rate of 50-60%.  When you respect life in your sex life with your committed marital partner, then you have a loving embrace that allows for love to bloom and if you choose to have children, then it allows for that too, when you are ready.  You can find more information about Natural Family Planning at your local Catholic Church, regardless of your religion/faith.