Divine Mercy

I recently purchased a picture of the Divine Mercy.  You will find this picture on my home page.  This is a picture of Jesus with red rays and white rays coming from His heart and His hand is raised in peace.  It seems like any other picture of Jesus but when you look a little closer, it has some indications of invitation from Him to come toward Him.  His feet seem in motion toward you, His left hand is pointing toward His heart and the other is up in a peaceful gesture.  His eyes look so serine and inviting.  On the bottom of the picture is written, “Jesus, I trust in you.”  These are simple but profound words.  Many people don’t know how to trust in Jesus.  They say they believe in Him but they have a hard time trusting.

I dealt with this myself until several months ago.  During a situation I was dealing with, I got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore and finally said to Him that I was getting out of His way and He could take over with His plan.  I was trying to be the one in control of it all but it wasn’t working.  I had to get out of His way.  I had to trust that He was going to take care of things and all I had to do was trust Him that He would take care of it.  Trust and faith go together and are inseparable.  I had faith in Him but I hadn’t trusted him in this situation until then.  I know it will take time for it to all come together but so far so good.  I had to surrender all of my worries, anguish, and control over to Him but now that I have, I feel better.  It’s like I am a little child trusting my father to supply my needs for me.  I don’t have to worry.

Having this picture up in my house has helped me to understand this concept and be able to give up the reigns to Jesus.  We have to be child-like to come unto Him.  Many people think child-like is innocence but how many children are really innocent?  Think of a four year old with cookies around.  Jesus is talking about being trusting as a child.  We trust our parents to supply for us, care for us, forgive us and love us.  We need to be trusting with Jesus.

Jesus, I trust in you.


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