Holy Little Saint

This is an amazing story of a couple who gets a devastating diagnosis for their child during their pregnancy.  They are told by their doctor to abort the child and they find no support in their circle to carry the baby to term.  When they find the website, ,  they find the support they need.   Through the pregnancy they prayed for a miracle and God granted them their miracle. When the baby was born, he had a cross on his chest in the shape of a cross.  Check out the links below to see the full story.

Every pregnancy is a real, human, live, baby.  Every baby is loved by God and deserves the dignity of life. Every mother deserves to know that she is loved by God and He will help her through any difficult situation.  Even if the baby has a detrimental diagnosis, cherish every moment of life that baby has with you.  That child is a gift from God to you and he will help you to handle whatever comes your way.

I came so close to losing my child three times during my difficult pregnancy. Someone early in my pregnancy asked me if I had considered abortion as an option but I told them that this is my child and abortion is not even a choice for me.  After the birth, my child had many challenges but I never regretted my decision to keep my baby.



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