Five Reasons the True Church is Catholic

The picture below describes very well the five reasons that the Catholic Church is the true Church that Jesus founded.  No other church, except the Catholic Church, can claim these truths.  There is a comparison with other churches below the picture.


All other churches:

  1. All other churches are founded by men.  Some as early as the 1500’s, and some as recent as the last 10 years.  If someone doesn’t like one church, they church hop or they start another church.  Many have splintered off from each other and changed doctrine.
  2. Other churches may have attempted to translate the Bible but they also took out seven (7) books of the Bible and removed and changed other wording to suit their teachings.  The Catholic Church put the Bible together back in the 300-400’s AD.  So the other churches holding belief that the Bible is the only word of God and that the Catholic Church is not Biblical, the Catholic Church put the Bible together and there wouldn’t be a Bible if it wasn’t for the Catholic Church.
  3. The other churches typically have two (2) sacraments, while the Catholic Church has all seven (7) that Jesus instituted. (Baptism, Holy Communion/Eucharist, Reconciliation/Confession, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick.)
  4. Other churches can only trace their authority back to their founder, men, who started their churches only as far back as the 1500’s.  Authority in the other churches is based on individual interpretation not on the authority that Jesus put into place, the Pope and Magistrate.
  5. Other churches change their doctrine to fit, not what Jesus taught, but what the parishioners want or what their church wants to fit with “the times”.  The Catholic Church doesn’t have this moving target in their doctrine, they stay solid with Jesus’ teachings.  The teachings of the Catholic Church is the same “universal” around the world and the doctrine will not change because it is what Jesus taught regardless of how much pressure society puts on it just because they want their way. We need to follow Jesus’ teachings, not expect Jesus to follow us.

These are the truths that only the Catholic Church can claim.  This is all historic and you can research the history in the Early Fathers of the Church.  They all point to the Catholic Church.  The Church is 2000 years old and comes directly from Jesus and the only church that can say that truthfully.

Defending the Catholic Faith Video Website   Check out their videos at this website.


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