Happy Easter in Gratitude

I have heard many people wish me Happy Easter lately, but it got me thinking…Happy?  Shouldn’t we be absolutely ecstatic?  Before Jesus came, we had extremely little hope for salvation.  Souls who died if they were holy, didn’t go to heaven at the time because the gates of Heaven were closed because of Original Sin.  The holy deceased were in a place called Limbo.  They were there because they were waiting for the gates to be opened.  We take it for granted that we can obtain salvation through Jesus’ resurrection.  What if we were back in time to before the resurrection?

Think of the glorious joy of people when they realized the gates were opened by Jesus.  He opened them when He (as it says in the Apostle’s Creed) descended into Hell, (by Hell it is meant Limbo, not actually Hell because those in Hell had already rejected Him).  When He was there, He offered them Heaven and opened the doors to them.

We should be as joyful and thrilled each time Easter comes around, as the first people coming into Heaven after centuries of darkness.  We should offer much gratitude to Jesus for His suffering and His love so that we can have an eternity with Him.  He suffered for six hours on the cross for us, besides what He suffered otherwise with the scourging, crown of thorns and other abuse that He endured.  He loves us that much!  So instead of saying Happy Easter…maybe we should say, Have a Thankful Easter!

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