What is an Incorruptible Saint?

St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette 1844-1879.  She has been deceased for 138 years but looks like she is sleeping.


Have you ever heard of an incorruptible? or incorruptible saint?  There are saints who, after their death, their bodies never decomposed!!  Why would this be?  Because they were so pure in the love of God.  What that means is that sin corrupts us.  They are so pure in giving that their bodies remain pure also.  Some have incorruptible body parts like their heart.  Many are not known to be incorrupt until they are exhumed for sainthood.   Many have soft pliable skin and blood that still is liquid.  Some produce fragrant oils.  One saint was so good at speaking of God that his tongue became incorrupt.  Some have a fragrance like flowers.  Saint John Paul II is an incorruptible.  These are not mummies!  Mummies are hardened, brittle and have leathered skin.  These saints have none of that.  They have not had anything to preserve them after death.  What do they all have in common?  They are all Catholic and they all loved the Eucharist.  That’s the narrow path to heaven.  They are only found in the Catholic Church.  No other church has this miraculous occurrence.


What they have had was a pure heart in love with Jesus.  They have lived their life for Jesus.  They want us to model after them and the lessons they have to teach us from how they lived their lives for Jesus.  They didn’t have an easy life.  Many had hardships and/or long illnesses that they suffered, but they accepted their suffering for Jesus and loved Him all the more.

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