The Seal of the Confessional Like a Best Friend

The Catholic Confessional is better than a best friend you tell all your secrets to.  You can go to Confession and tell your sins with the confidence that the Priest will not ever tell anyone.  The Seal of the Confessional cannot be broken for any reason, period.  No court can force a priest to tell what he has heard in the Confessional.  The Seal is between you, the priest and God and that’s where it stays.  If you choose to tell someone what was said, then that is your choice but the priest still cannot tell what was said.  This Seal of the Confessional is sacred.  No matter what you confess, no matter how bad it is, it stays in the Confessional.  It’s sort of like the confidentiality with your doctor but no matter how secret you think something is with him, he still has to document it.  The Confessional is even better because the vow of confidentiality is absolute.  Our priest says that people have brought lists of sins and after being absolved they leave the list with the priest, who in turn destroys the list.  This ensures that the information does not get into any other hands.  When asked if the priest remembers what a person confessed, he said he never remembers.  He stated that there is nothing you can confess that he hasn’t heard before.  The Seal of the Confessional is only found in the Catholic Church and is very comforting and healing when you need to unload all the garbage of sin.

If you go to any Protestant church and ask to make a confession to a pastor/minister, he can listen to you but there is not that Seal of confidentiality to be trusted.  You can assume that he will keep your sins quiet but you don’t have that sacred oath that can’t be broken.  This uncertainty causes people to hold back from getting everything off their chest.  They don’t want that sort of information used against them or embarrassing them.

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