These links below are great resources for research.  The Eternal Word Network.  Catholic content and explanations.  This is Catholic Answers.  You can find answers to your questions about the Catholic faith here.    You can listen live to the radio station.  Scroll half way down the page and find the box that says LISTEN LIVE.  The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano.   This is the Diary of St. Faustina about Jesus’ mercy for the world.  If we ever needed His mercy, it’s now.  This link goes to the Divine Mercy website.  This is a website for fallen away Catholics, those being drawn into the Catholic Faith, and those of us who know someone, family or friend, who is walking this path.     This is a really nice website for information about the Catholic Church.  He has a great page on the Church history.  Podcasts of EWTN radio shows.  If you click on one of the shows then below the title you can click on the word SUBSCRIBE.  You will receive new shows as they are posted.  I love the show CALLED TO COMMUNION as it gives you lots of answers.   This is an easy way to look up any verse of the Bible for reference.