Never Too Far Gone

This is an amazing song with an beautiful message.  Enjoy.


St. Jose Sanchez, 14 year old martyr (you got to see this)

If you can get a chance to see the movie Christiada, be sure to see it.  It  is about a true story back in 1926 when the Mexican government outlawed Christianity.  I saw this movie about a week ago and was amazed at the history of it, and that I had never heard of it.  Within the story is another story about a 14 year old boy, Jose Sanchez, who is threatened to be killed if he doesn’t renounce his faith in Jesus.  He is horribly tortured and martyred but never renounces his faith.  He became a saint on October 16, 2016 by Pope Francis.

This child’s faith is amazing!  He is also an incorruptible saint.  That means that he was so pure at heart that his body never decayed.  There are many saints like that.  There is no attempt to prevent decay but they look pristine, like they are sleeping.  Some are even hundreds of years old but their body never decays.  Check it out on Google images.

Although the movie is rated R, it’s not as gory as I thought it would be.  I would not advise it for anyone under age 17 though.  There is a lot of war killing in it and there is a scene that they are torturing the boy that is not pleasant.

Cristiada Movie Trailer