Be Cautious of Missionary Dating

Missionary Dating is a tactic used by some fringe churches and many cults to “convert” people to their church.  You start dating someone and right away they want you to start going to their church.  They start “teaching” you about their faith and pushing it while they are talking down your faith.  The sole purpose of the dating is to convert you into their church, get your money and to have you go overseas or somewhere else to do missionary work.  It’s a very deceptive way to destroy your faith and to isolate you into their group.  They make you think your family and friends are your enemies so you sever ties from them, leaving you with no way out.  While dating, you might be strongly encouraged to talk with an “elder” to do pre-marriage counseling but its really to convert your thinking.  This sounds good when you start and they have lots of touchy-feely hugs to welcome you and during their service, but as it progresses, you become more of their property and it becomes very difficult to get out.  This is more true of the fringe religions. This is also put into place with your children’s friends.  They will ask your children to come over to their church for dance lessons or some activity to get them there, then they will start slowly to invite them to “learn” about Jesus.  These tactics target children and the college age mostly but can be anyone, especially the lonely or vulnerable.

While you are searching for the truth, be cautious of these situations because they are very difficult to get out of.  When you are dating, keep your eyes open for these situations.