Divine Mercy Sunday

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday! (April 23, 2017)  The Sunday after Easter.  Don’t let this beautiful opportunity pass you by.  If you go to Confession, Communion and praying for the Intentions of the Pope (saying an Our Father and a Hail Mary), you will receive a plenary indulgence.  This plenary indulgence rids us of our sins and also our punishment for those sins after our death.  This is Jesus’ Mercy.  Learn the small phrase, “Jesus, I trust in You.”  It is in this trust we have for Him that He gives us His oceans of Mercy.  We certainly don’t deserve His Mercy but He wants to step forward to us and give us that Mercy and help our unbelief.  We can’t be like St. Thomas, needing to put our fingers in the nail holes before we believe.  We need to have child-like hearts of trust and have faith in His power and Mercy.  Even though the doors to our hearts are locked, Jesus will come in and love us.

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What is Divine Mercy?

Mercy is compassion or forgiveness.  Jesus came to Sister Faustina in Poland in the 1920’s and 30’s asking her to write down His words for the world.  He asks for everyone to come to Him and ask forgiveness and if possible come to Reconciliation.  He wants us to repent and come back to Him.  She became His “Secretary”, keeping journals of His visits to her and His words during that time.  The picture below is the picture of Divine Mercy.  The rays from Jesus’ heart represent Blood and Water.  The white rays represent Baptism and Reconciliation.  The red rays represent the Eucharist and the Blood He shed for us. St. Faustina was canonized as a saint in the year 2000 by Pope John Paul II.

The Sunday after Easter is the Divine Mercy Sunday.   “The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.  On that day are opened all the divine floodgates through which graces flow.  Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet.”  (Jesus’ words in the Diary 699)  We get our sins forgiven in Confession but we don’t stop to think about the punishment for our sins.  If one of our children smashes a window, we can forgive them but they still will be grounded for doing it and may have to work to pay for the damage.  They need to learn from their mistakes.  God deals with us the same way, as a Father would.  It doesn’t mean we would go to hell but we may spend time in Purgatory for it.  If we go to Divine Mercy Sunday and do what’s required, we not only have that sin forgiven but the punishment will be gone too.

Jesus gave us the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  This is a devotional prayer said on beads like the rosary but it’s said to Jesus.  This prayer helps us to accept His mercy and to be perfected in it.  The best time to say it is 3:00 pm because that’s the time Jesus died.

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Jesus, I trust in you.


Divine Mercy

I recently purchased a picture of the Divine Mercy.  You will find this picture on my home page.  This is a picture of Jesus with red rays and white rays coming from His heart and His hand is raised in peace.  It seems like any other picture of Jesus but when you look a little closer, it has some indications of invitation from Him to come toward Him.  His feet seem in motion toward you, His left hand is pointing toward His heart and the other is up in a peaceful gesture.  His eyes look so serine and inviting.  On the bottom of the picture is written, “Jesus, I trust in you.”  These are simple but profound words.  Many people don’t know how to trust in Jesus.  They say they believe in Him but they have a hard time trusting.

I dealt with this myself until several months ago.  During a situation I was dealing with, I got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore and finally said to Him that I was getting out of His way and He could take over with His plan.  I was trying to be the one in control of it all but it wasn’t working.  I had to get out of His way.  I had to trust that He was going to take care of things and all I had to do was trust Him that He would take care of it.  Trust and faith go together and are inseparable.  I had faith in Him but I hadn’t trusted him in this situation until then.  I know it will take time for it to all come together but so far so good.  I had to surrender all of my worries, anguish, and control over to Him but now that I have, I feel better.  It’s like I am a little child trusting my father to supply my needs for me.  I don’t have to worry.

Having this picture up in my house has helped me to understand this concept and be able to give up the reigns to Jesus.  We have to be child-like to come unto Him.  Many people think child-like is innocence but how many children are really innocent?  Think of a four year old with cookies around.  Jesus is talking about being trusting as a child.  We trust our parents to supply for us, care for us, forgive us and love us.  We need to be trusting with Jesus.

Jesus, I trust in you.