Why is Jesus Absent from Protestant Communion?

There are many churches that claim to have the True Presence of Jesus in their Communion but do they really?  What ingredients does it take to have the True Presence of Jesus and what did Jesus teach us?

Required components:

  • The valid Sacrament of Holy Orders from unbroken Apostolic Succession directly from Christ found only in the Church that Jesus founded (Catholic Church)

Jesus instituted the Eucharist on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper.  He also ordained His Apostles that night as the first priests to be able to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus (see Luke 22:19).  This authority was only meant for the Apostles and their successors through the laying on of hands from the Pope to the Bishops. This is called the valid Sacrament of Holy Orders.  Anyone breaking that line of succession loses their authority.  The Sacrament of Holy Orders from unbroken Apostolic Succession is the sole reason why it is the Real Presence of Jesus’ Body and Blood in the Eucharist.  This is only found in the Catholic Church and this is why the Eucharist is kept reverently in a Tabernacle.  If you want the real thing, you have to belong to the Catholic Church.

Protestant churches have broken that Apostolic Succession and their pastors are not validly ordained, invalidating their authority from Christ to change the bread into the Eucharist.  All churches other than the Catholic Church have broken that Apostolic line and splintered off.  No matter how much training or college the pastors receive, they are still not validly ordained with the Authority of Jesus in Apostolic Succession.  Martin Luther was a priest and received Apostolic Succession in the Catholic Church but split off and rejected the Church.  However Martin Luther was not a bishop so he wouldn’t have been able to pass that authority on even if he had stayed in the Church.  Because the Protestant churches do not have Apostolic Succession, they do not have the Real True Presence of Jesus in their Communion.  Their bread is blessed or a symbol, like when we ask for a blessing at meals but it is not the Real Presence of Jesus’ Body and Blood.  This is why they can do whatever they want with the leftovers, because the communion wafers are not consecrated; they are not Jesus.

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Little Book but Big Answers

I would recommend a little yellow book for anyone who wants answers to many questions about the Church.  It’s an easy read.  You can read a question or two per day.  It only costs $3.00 American dollars.  This website also has many other resources for those searching for answers.

The Catholic Church Has the Answer can be found at Tan Books.

Another little book that is great is Confession of a Roman Catholic.  It is similar to the yellow book but from a person who went through a conversion and why he found the Catholic Church to be true.

I love this book also, The Protestant’s Dilemma.  It addresses many issues that people struggle with and helps them figure out the truth.  It’s a longer read than the little books but is divided up so that it is easier to understand in segments.  It is presented in each chapter with a question from a protestant view and belief, then the Catholic view and the truth of scripture interpretation is offered.  It is a great way to reason your way to the true Church of Jesus.

Dynamic Catholic website has a great offer for anyone to receive free resources if you promise to pass it on.  This is a wonderful website and has some great books for your faith journey with Jesus.

I have found these little books very helpful in my faith path.  I hope they are also as helpful for you.

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