What is the only unforgivable sin?

Many of us don’t think we sin.  What is a sin anyway?  What is the one unforgiveable sin?  I thought Jesus forgave all sins?  My parents or grandparents think I sin but I just think they are old fashioned.  They need to come up with the times right?  I just want to be free to follow my own rules.

Sin is when we are going in the opposite direction from God.  If we are not going toward God, then we are going away from God.  Sin is our choice to separate ourselves from God.  He gave us free will and respects our choice, even if we choose to leave and separate from Him.  The people who are in Hell are all volunteers.  They chose it.  God does not send people to Hell, they go willingly because they don’t want God.  He respects our choice to reject Him because He loves us.  This sounds backwards but He doesn’t want to force us to love Him.  He wants our total self-giving of ourselves to Him.  He doesn’t just want a little or want us to draw a line in the sand and say I will only give THIS much.  He wants all of us.

Sin can be big or small.  The small sins are called venial sins.  They aren’t as serious but if you have enough of them that can be serious.  These are smaller imperfections in us that cause problems.  Big sins are called mortal sins.  They ARE VERY SERIOUS!  These are like breaking the Ten Commandments or harming someone in a serious manner with ill intent.  These are sins like lying, stealing, killing, fornication (sex out of marriage), adultery, and not honoring God.  Think of the venial sins as paint spatter on your soul and think of the moral sins as big black ink stains on your gleaming white soul.

Our parents and grandparents most of the time can see our wrongdoings better than we can see ourselves.  They only have our best interest at heart.  Their biggest fear is for you to lose your soul and salvation.  Wouldn’t that be horrible if they went to heaven and you didn’t?  Think of the deep sorrow they would have for you.  They want to share the love of Heaven with you.  They are responsible to God for the salvation of your soul and they have to answer to God for the wrong choices you make.

Following your own rules sounds nice but if everyone followed their own rules, society would be chaos because who determines which rules we follow?  One person might think well stealing isn’t a big deal but the person he steals from might miss their car pretty bad.  We need to follow rules that are uniform to have a structured society.  We have to follow the laws or we have consequences.  We can’t speed or we would get a ticket or have an accident.

Jesus came to give us a second chance as mankind.  Yet we still refuse His mercy.  He died for our salvation, yet we still refuse Him and the only Church He founded.  We refuse to ask for forgiveness.  We commit sins and refuse to admit that we are sinning.  How horrible we treat Him.  We commit the sin of pride by thinking we are beyond sinning and don’t need forgiveness, or worse yet, we think the sin we committed is too grievous that we don’t deserve forgiveness.  This is the ONE UNFORGIVEABLE SIN, either thinking we don’t sin, not asking for forgiveness, or thinking its too bad that we don’t deserve it.  This is actually us rejecting God’s mercy and the mercy of the Holy Spirit.  If you think of Judas who turned Jesus over to be crucified, he realized that what he had done was wrong.  He tried to return the money he received but it didn’t clear his conscience.  He thought what he had done was unforgivable and killed himself.  How sad it is, that all he had to do was go to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.  What a story in the Bible that would have been huh?

Close your eyes for a moment, imagine that Jesus is tied to the pillar and the soldiers are scourging Him.  What a horrible sight, a painful sight to behold.  Now imagine that every time you sin, YOU are the one scourging Him.  This may sound like something hard to hear or you may say that sounds stupid; I mean after all we certainly wouldn’t do that.  But every time we sin and put ourselves first instead of God, that’s exactly what we are doing.  Think about it.  When we curse and use God’s name in vain or the “OMG” slang we are dishonoring God.  We need to think about our actions and understand that whatever we do to others, we have done to Jesus.

Yes we are human and not perfect by any means, but I have a remedy for you for all of this.  God doesn’t want to condemn us, He wants to offer and freely give His forgiveness and mercy for us to come back to Him.  We need to ditch the pride and come back humble and repentant to Him.  If you are Catholic and haven’t been to confession for awhile, go now and receive buckets of grace from Jesus!  If you are not Catholic, repent and come back to God, ask forgiveness.  Trust in Jesus that He will lead you to His mercy.  Everyone thinks that Jesus came to preach love but I am telling you that He really came to preach MERCY AND FORGIVENESS FOR ALL OF US, WE JUST NEED TO LEARN TO ASK FOR IT.

For more information please go to the link below.  It will bring you to a website PDF file of the Diary of St. Faustina.  This is an amazing story of Jesus coming to a nun and asking for people to come to His Divine Mercy.  This is a true story and is all documented in her diary and approved by the Catholic Church.  Please step into His mercy.  Jesus I trust in You.